Monday, May 3, 2010

Russian Nesting Dolls, Flowers and Excuses

Hey all! As my lovely sister pointed out in her comment on my last post - I haven't posted in quite some time. Blame it on the internet being slow at camp, multiple shopping trips once I got out of camp and general procrastination. I am however, back!
Last month I started checking out E-Bay (which is actually SUPER cool by the way) for the first time and found some awesome stuff. Among other things I found a woman selling hand painted Matryoshka (Nesting Dolls). They were absolutely stunning and so I had to make a set mine.

These are the dolls I bought! They are so cute in real life and the seller sent them really quickly too. In fact Aren had ordered some computer parts from in Canada and my dolls from Russia got here first! Hahahaha.

Back and side views. These pictures are from Elena's site on E-Bay.

Hand painted and signed!

And now my lovely Matryoshka dolls in my own home. I am in love with them!

I think that everyone should have some of these, and obviously the quality is amazing. I am already trying to convince Aren that we need more than one set.
In other news, I will be working on more projects and stuff now that I am home so look forward to more posts!

These are the flowers Aren bought me last week for when I got home. What a sweetheart!
If anyone has new craft ideas or has found some info on an awesome site - let me know! Now that I have some time on my hands I want to tackle some new projects.


Pris said...

Gorgeous dolls! You could always get me a set for my birthday or anniversary...

Lydia said...

Did you check out her Ebay store? There are quite a few different designs there. But yeah, they are awesome!