Friday, March 4, 2011

101 Crafts - #98 Drawer Organizer(s)

Hi everyone!
Work was super busy this week - I am so thankful it is the weekend now.
Today I am returning again to my 101 Crafts to Make List.
#98 Drawer Organizers
These happen to be some fabric covered drawer organizers, and they work (and look) really awesome.
So everyone is familiar with the standard drawer organizers available at home stores across the country. They do however, cost money and they might not be the exact style that you are looking for.

All you will need for this project is:
- a glue gun and hot glue
- scissors
- a box cut to fit the inside of your drawer (I used a cracker box)
- two pieces of fabric (one will be the lining and one will cover the outside - you can use the same fabric or mix it up a bit if you like)