Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cute Pink Cord Baby Dress

Hey everyone. I apologize for not being consistent the last few days here but things have been crazy at work. I am attending a three day workshop and the internet was down on the weekend for a while. I guess that can only be expected when one is working in a remote area. Anyways, things have been really good and I had some time on Sunday to sketch a design idea for a new summer dress. We will see how/if it comes to fruition here once I get home.  For now I will leave you with this:
This is a cute little pink dress I made a while back. It is a stretch cord fabric that was sitting in my stash for a while. As of yet I do not have any babies to wear this dress but I am sure someone at some point in time will wear it. Maybe a niece.... (hint hint Priscilla)

It is a simple design, hopefully once I am back home I can take a photo of the back for you. It is button closure all the way down the back. I think there is actually a little handbag that I had made to go with... but I can't remember if I gave it away or not. Hope you enjoy!


Pris said...

Did you drop off the face of the earth? Haven't seen anythign new in quite a while! haha... hey I found a site I think you'll like: www.burdastyle.com Especially this dress "Vivat Veritas inspired dress" isn't it cute?? Hope all is well, later!

Pris said...

PS... plus it has tons of free patterns!

Lydia said...

Awesome, I have heard of it but haven't been in a long time. I am gonna check out that dress asap. I love that they have FREE patterns!!