Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Halfway Between Spring and Summer Pt. 2

So as I mentioned in my last post, the weather is going crazy here. Well, I showed you what I wore on Friday during the day but now here is what I wore at night. Aren and I wanted to walk to the video store to rent a movie (we watched Sherlock Holmes which was pretty entertaining) but it had become quite chilly outside. Not a good time to wear shorts.
I have the same boots (Rocket Dog), tank top (H&M), rings, purse (RO-EL) and necklace on as earlier in the day. I added a distressed pair of Garage jeans and a cozy long sleeve sweater jacket from Parasuco to keep me warm. I also added the strap back onto the bag rather than keeping it as a clutch.

In other news: I forgot to post these photos with Pt. 1 but here they are for your enjoyment.
Aren and Brendon bought some NERF guns (toys that shoot foam darts). They have been shooting them around the house and making a general mess of things for the past week now. Do boys ever grow up?

Obviously this is just the box and I will have to get them to pose with their guns so you can see how ridiculously crazy they really are.
PS. I am currently working on an exciting sewing project (which may become a gift for someone...) so stay tuned for updates! Ciao for now!


Pris said...

hahahahhahahahahaha... no. They never do grow up. Be thankfu they are only into nerf guns instead of REAL guns like my husband... MUCH more expensive!!

Lydia said...

Ya except at least you can shoot food with a real gun. Nerf guns just get annoying (when they keep shooting you in the head)

Pris said...

Good point. I win. :)

Tracy Krauss said...

Crazy weather and crazy boys! Note the similar 'smile' that both you and Aren have in a couple of photos ... I call it the 'Aren pose'. LOL

Lydia said...

I like it - "the Aren pose"