Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cute Pink Cord Baby Dress

Hey everyone. I apologize for not being consistent the last few days here but things have been crazy at work. I am attending a three day workshop and the internet was down on the weekend for a while. I guess that can only be expected when one is working in a remote area. Anyways, things have been really good and I had some time on Sunday to sketch a design idea for a new summer dress. We will see how/if it comes to fruition here once I get home.  For now I will leave you with this:
This is a cute little pink dress I made a while back. It is a stretch cord fabric that was sitting in my stash for a while. As of yet I do not have any babies to wear this dress but I am sure someone at some point in time will wear it. Maybe a niece.... (hint hint Priscilla)

It is a simple design, hopefully once I am back home I can take a photo of the back for you. It is button closure all the way down the back. I think there is actually a little handbag that I had made to go with... but I can't remember if I gave it away or not. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Pretty Blooms to Brighten Your Day!

Aren surprised me the other day with this bouquet of flowers. A nice reminder that Spring has Sprung! I can honestly say that I am really tired of winter and ready for the sun to come out again. I can't wait until I am able to wear shorts again!

Soon enough we will have flowers blooming on the balcony and sun shining in the windows. I heard that today in Edmonton the weather was plus 20! I hope the hot spell hasn't gone away by the time I am back.
Have a lovely day everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun and Funky Blue T-shirt

Good Morning to you all. As you probably have guessed, most of the pictures which I have been posting in the last while were taken while I was still at home. I'm sure I could update daily with photos from around site here but it would get pretty boring for you! There isn't really a lot outside for scenery diversity what with this being the tundra and all. Anyways, this is an outfit that I wore out to see a DJ spin while I was back home. Aren and Brendon and I all went out together and I really enjoyed myself. I didn't take any pictures once we had left the house unfortunately, as I really didn't want to have to babysit a purse all night.
The shirt I am sure you have seen before and is vintage Mariposa (the company doesn't exist anymore I don't think). I bought this skirt from Aritzia when I first got out of camp (March 16th) and I have a matching gray one. My shoes are Aldo which I bought last summer on a shopping trip with my sister. I also decided to try out the socks with high heels look in this outfit - what do you think? The belt is a really fun piece that I found somewhere - I really don't remember when or how I got it. As you may have noticed from some of my other fashion posts, I enjoy a high waisted skirt with a blouse/t-shirt tucked in. The look can be dressy with heels or casual with a pair of boots and leggings. Sadly I broke the necklace that I am wearing so it may never be featured again if I can't manage to fix it......

Sometimes I crack myself up! Lol.

Poor necklace.......

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How My Kitchen Chairs Got a Makeover

Hello everyone! Another bright and sunny (not too cold) day here at Ekati. In this post I will show you how I (FINALLY) finished revamping the chairs in my kitchen. As some of you may remember I embarked on a quest to breathe new life into my drab kitchen chairs some time ago. Well, here are the results! I am really happy with the cushion covers. I ripped open the old covers, took out the stuffing and used it again in the new ones. I drafted the pattern for the new covers myself to be sure that it would fit the chairs properly. They are an awkward shape (not really square) and the old cushions flopped off the sides which looked really sloppy. I sewed box corners into them to help them keep a nice shape, although I am sure they will be getting squished down soon enough. The ties were THE WORST part of all as the fabric is a really stiff cotton canvas and was very difficult to turn inside out when sewn into a tiny tube. In the end the hardwork paid off. What do you think of the cushions? Also, should I tuft the new ones the way the old ones were done? I appreciate your input!

Painted chair with BLAH cushion cover.

Sewing ties for covers. These were so hard to turn inside out!

Close up of Box Corner.

Side View.

How do you think they turned out?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Dress Designs

Well, I just finished work (it's Wednesday and there were plane delays which always means more work for my Dept.) and I am feeling quite tired tonight. I apologize for the brevity of this post in advance! I decided to share with you a photo that was taken while I was attending school.
This is a dress that I designed, drafted and constructed while attending Fashion College. The model is my lovely friend Emily. So gorgeous in this dress! Hope you enjoy.
PS. Aren't the shoes amazing?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Casual Spring Day

Hello everyone! These pictures are from last week Sunday, the day before I left for camp. I guess I look kind of wistful as I was sad to be leaving home - especially because the weather was getting to be so nice! You don't even have to wear a jacket at home anymore (here at work is another story, today is only minus 10 but it was minus 37 two nights ago - brrrrrrr).
I really love the colour of this top. It seems to be one of my favourite colours these days as I am always drawn to it when I see it in a window or in a magazine.

Enzo Shoes, Garage Jeans, Wilfred Tank Top, H&M Jacket, Rings from H&M/ALDO

Awesome Multicoloured Rug

Hey all! I am currently in camp and I was sick for the past few days so I apologize for my lack of posting activity! I will try to be more dilligent in getting things online for you. Perhaps this week I will take some photos here at the Mine Site so you all can get an idea of what it is like here at Ekati. For now I am sharing some pictures of this amazing rug we have at our house. I bought this rug from a woman at the Farmers Market and I love all of the colours put together! It is so bright and vibrant. She also makes rugs to your specifications (colour preferences). We had a brown and tan one made for the bedroom, maybe I will post those photos later. So now the rug:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Baking Cooking Baking - A FULL Day of Baking (and cooking)

I spent almost the ENTIRE day today baking and cooking. You see, I will be leaving for camp in T minus 2 1/2 days and Aren has started school again (his last term!). This means that he will actually be at home the whole time I am gone instead of out at work. So, I decided that rather than hear about how he had been too lazy to cook for three weeks and lived on Kimchi Ramyun (noodles) I would cook a bunch of food and freeze it. It was a full day and I am not quite done...
My blueberry muffin mix was rather Purple!!
Purple Blueberry Muffins - Yummy! (also Purple is my favourite colour.. right now anyways haha)

4.5 lbs of Lean Ground Beef + Celery + Onions + 4 eggs + Mustard + BBQ Sauce + Chilli Powder = AMAZING Burger mix. I mixed this all up and flattened it between sheets of wax paper. Then I cut out burger size circles and transferred them onto sheets of cut wax paper. All in all 24 burger patties to be frozen and BBQ'd whenever he likes.

Lots of Noodles +

Homemade Bolognese sauce (Ground Beef, Onion, Celery, Red peppers, Salt and Pepper, Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms) + Parmesan and Cheddar cheese =

One very Yummy Lasagna!! Once cut this equals 12 portions. I cut it up first, then froze it in the pan, then took out the portions and wrapped them individually. Easy Peasy!

Tasty Peanut Butter Cookies - one of my favourites! Half were frozen and half in the cookie jar.

Last but not least, I made 4 Veggie Pot Pies. The recipe is actually from one of my vegetarian cookbooks but I modified it to include beef since Aren is a meat-atarian. They are really yummy though with broccoli, celery, red pepper, onion, green beans and I guess basically any veggie you want inside. The first time I made them we didn't really have any groceries (or money..) so I put chick peas, beans, and mushrooms in them since thats what we had lying around. They were great!
I already made 4 loaves of bread a couple days ago so he should be good for sandwiches. I still have a bit more cooking to do tomorrow since I am going to make him 2 pizzas as well. I was going to premake some french fries too but I haven't found a great way to freeze them. Should I cook them first then freeze them or leave them raw and cut up?
If you have any suggestions for how to prepare the potatos OR any other great meals to prepare ahead (that can be frozen) let me know! Thanks!

Small Basket Woven from Flyers (seen on Instructables)

For those of you who have never heard about it, there is a really awesome website called Instructables that I check out every now and then. Well I was browsing the website and saw a fun idea for weaving a newspaper basket. Could end up being useless I know, but it was a fun idea. I made mine with some flyers that had just come in the mail.

The bobby pins in the picture were used to hold the pieces together while I was weaving them. I used a hot glue gun to glue it together instead of Elmers white glue or a glue stick as those methods take a lot longer to set. The strips are 1/2 inch wide.

I tucked the edges back in to keep it clean looking. The Instructable tutorial shows a scalloped edge but I liked this better.

I painted it a fresh white to make it look less homely.

A basket like this could be dressed up with some ribbon and used to hold pens or a variety of other things. Mine is currently empty and unadorned as I prefer that look. I am still unsure as to what I will actually do with it.......

What do you suggest I do with this basket?
Send me links to your photos if you make your own, happy recycling!