Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peace River Coal Curling Funspiel in Tumbler Ridge

Hello all! My plane was delayed by an hour but I finally made it to camp. Unfortunately the internet is on the fritz (again) out here - satelite is so unreliable these days. It was a bit of a shock to my system when I stepped off the plane this morning as I had gone from a balmy +30 (celsius) to -8. Yes that is correct, and there is snow on the ground to boot. The ice on the lake will probably be melting sometime in July, if we are lucky. But enough about the weather. I did miss a bit of fun out here at camp though as a few caribou made their way through with a grizzly hot on their trail. Ah - life on the tundra.
I have decided to share some pictures from a couple turnarounds ago when I went up to Tumbler to visit my parents and curl.
These pictures are LONG overdue, considering that this Funspiel took place the end of March. Mum, Dad, Myself and a Gentleman who works with my Dad at the mine were all on a team togther. We didn't win first, but we certainly had a good time! PRC gave prizes to everybody anyways so it really didn't matter how well you did.
I won a duffel bag with a thermos and two toques. We also all received commemorative mugs, although I gave mine to my parents. Aren got the other prizes since I don't really take a lunch anywhere. Maybe we can wear the matching toques next winter. I take that back - I should have brought a toque with me since I could still be wearing it. I digress. The weather is suppossed to be a little nicer coming up this week though and I am planning on taking the shuttle around and snapping a few shots for those of you who are curious to know what it really looks like out on the tundra in May. Until then, I bid you adieu.