Sunday, May 16, 2010

Of Garage Sales, Thrift Stores and Packing Up

Hey all! So this weekend flew by, although I knew that would happen what with it being my last weekend in town and all. Yesterday my parents were here and we checked out this huge garage sale for charity that was happening at the tourism centre in town. Well, even though we weren't the first people to show up we still managed to make some great purchases. I am so excited about this fur coat that I found - $5!

It may end up being made into something else, or it may be a costume.. I am undecided at the moment.

This old rotary phone for $2 needs some TLC but it will be fun to repaint it. I am not sure as to whether or not I will leave it as a phone (it still works) or turn it into something else.

An awesome helmet for an upcoming costume (it may take me a while to make this one) for $3!

New pans for dirt cheap. I always like getting bakeware/pyrex cheap. I never buy anything plastic for food at a garage sale though. I am paranoid that bacteria may have settled into it. I got a large cake pan as well, all 8 pans cost only $10. I also bought an enourmous wrnch for Aren for $5 (they cost upwards of $60 normally) and two pairs of safety glasses from the 70's (I am serious) for 25 cents each. These will be for my mum's drama class for sure!

A whole box of useable oil and acrylic paints for only $2. It also came with a couple palette knives and a paint brush organizer. Awesome deal! In addition to these things I bought three more jackets (blazers) which need a small bit of tailoring for $1 each, a length of wired ribbon (at least a couple metres long) for 50 cents (I use wired ribbon to wrap all of my presents. It looks classier), and two black night tables for $7 each. Aren and I have plans to paint these and then put them in the bedroom. They are in mint condition, the only problem is that the black and gold colour combo makes them look VERY 80's. Oh well. 
We arrived later in the day at one garage sale and a man called out (to no one in particular) "Fill a box for $5!". I couldn't believe it was true and asked him to verify his statement. He promptly gave me a box and I filled it with a hockey helmet and face guards (for my mum's drama class) shin guards (for my costume) a floppy organizer box from IKEA , about 10 metres of lace and a childrens knee and elbow pad set (also for my costume). I love garage sales!
We also visited Goodwill and I found this really cute belt and a fun vintage purse. The colour is abit odd but I think it is fun anyways. I also found THE CUTEST boots ever, but I am posting those pictures tomorrow.

Can't wait to wear these. I am pretty happy with my finds but sad that I am leaving for work. I just hope I don't miss too many of the good garage sales in the next few weeks. Certainly there will be more as the summer goes on, but the first ones always tend to be the best. I hope you all fnd some amazing things at the sales this summer too!
Now I must get on with packing my things to get ready for the trip back up north. A co-worker told me that it snowed last week. I am crying inside.


Tracy Krauss said...

Believe it or not we stopped at another sale at Ross haven on our way to Edmonton. I bought two cow skulls! They are amazing and I am excited!!!!

Lydia said...

Really? That is awesome! I love garage sales