Monday, May 17, 2010

Mongolian Baby Booties

Yesterday I told you I found the cutest boots while at the thrift store. They weren't actually boots for me but baby boots! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them as they reminded me of these traditional Mongolian boots that I had found online while doing a project on Mongolian Fashion a couple of years ago. Here are a few pictures found online of the traditonal boots in both adult and childrens sizes. Mine are made of fabric although it seems that normally (the winter ones anyway) are made of leather.

The small ones I bought don't have an outside sole (the sole is made of fabric)  but I think that they would still be cute for indoors. I may also just place them on display somewhere since they are so darling.
My mum was in Goodwill with me when I saw them and of course she convinced me (very easily) that I HAD to have them even though the price was quite high by thrift shop standards. So without further ado:

Aren't they the sweetest things you ever did see?

All in all Saturday was a great day for everyone and I can't wait until I get back so I can check out more garage sales! I am going to try and post regularly while I am out at camp (I have been saving up photos from some of my projects) so don't go away.
Time for me to make sure I have everything packed and ready to go. Wish me a safe flight all!


Pris said...

Who would get rid of these?? They are adorable! Have a good time in camp...

Lydia said...

Someone who is totally crazy! I couldn't believe that I found them.

Tracy Krauss said...

I'm glad you bought them. they are gorgeous.