Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yoga Mat Bag

I will be returning to camp next week and needed something to carry my yoga mat in when I go to the gym. I whipped up this colourful bag this morning. The strap is thicker so it won't cut into my shoulder and I reinforced where it is sewn on so that the fabric won't tear. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anthropologie Inspired Dress

There are quite a few dresses like this actually, not just at Anthropologie. I had seen them around and thought it would be fun to make one for myself. I took my inspiration from these two dresses:
I plan on making a belt like that on the blue dress to go with mine. As of yet I am just using a belt that I had kicking around the house.
I started with this tank top and this slightly crazy fabric from my collection. The top was $1 and the fabric I believe I got at the Reuse Centre (so basically free).
I drafted a circle skirt pattern to use for the bottom of the dress and cut it out (the cans are to weigh down the paper).
Mid-sew. I added a zipper in the middle back of the skirt. I haven't shown everything but there is a tutorial for something similar on
My finished dress! As you can see I am wearing a leather belt with the dress right now. As soon as I find a solid black fabric that I like/that matches I am going to be making the belt to accompany this dress.

Crazy Black Leather Skirt = Leather Tote Bag

So a while back I was reading Vogue and I saw this article (Vogue May 2007 pg. 121) about sustainable style. It featured a number of fashionable reusable grocery bags which I thought was really awesome. Of course the one I really liked was black leather by Marni and cost $843! The article was filed on the back shelf until I was browsing the thrift store and found an old black leather skirt. I am sure you know where I am going with this one......
Cutting up the old leather skirt. I turned it upside down and sewed the waist as the bottom of the bag so that it tapers upwards. When the bag is empty the corners drape in giving a nice shape.
Naturally there was a zipper in the back of the skirt, the problem with it was that with the skirt now upside down the zipper pulled in the wrong direction. I ripped it out an replaced it. Now it connects to the inside and the inside pocket (made from the pleat that was in the back of the skirt). I lined the bag with the skirts original lining.

These images aren't very clear - I apologize. Something must have been up with the camera that day, unfortunately I didn't notice until today.
This weekend I was out at the Shop Smart (thrift store) and found ANOTHER black leather skirt for $1, so look forward to another leather grocery bag in the future.

Away on the Weekend

I was away at the weekend, so I didn't really post anything. These are from Friday mostly, a bit from yesterday.... just some things I have been working on.

This is a tote bag that I made out of a really crazy 80's cotton sweatshirt deal. With my new serger it was so quick and easy!

I decided to try my hand at these quilted notecards which I saw on MADE. I will have to try again I think since it is not my favourite.... I guess it is a start though!

I bought these coasters at a garage sale a while back for 10 cents (6 of them). Well they are silver plated but pretty well tarnished. I finally had a chance on Friday to get around to polishing them up. Baking Soda, Salt and Tin Foil will do wonders! I know the photo doesn't show quite how tarnished they were but oh well.

 My lovely new plants! Last week I had asked one of the ladies here in my building if I could have a cutting from her Ivy plant. Well not only did I receive a cutting from the Ivy but I also got Spider Plant cuttings, a Tea Rose and an African Violet.