Friday, May 7, 2010


Something about an outfit composed entirely out of neutrals makes me happy. Almost as happy as shiny colourful things! This is another transition spring to summer outfit for colder sunny days.
Aren and I were going out for sushi (we also stopped at a couple stores on the way) which I hadn't had in such a long time. That is one of the only drawbacks to working in a camp for three weeks at a time- no sushi. It almost makes a person want to cry.
The jeans are my new Machine pair, an RW&Co. cream sleeveless top and my new sparkly vest from H&M. The jacket is one I had made for me while Priscilla and I were in Vietnam a few years ago. I rolled up the sleeves to make it more of a summer coat. My shoes are new from Spring (only $34) and the necklace is from Aldo. Rings are from Aldo and H&M and the purse is a cute BFM (thrift shop) find - $2!


Tracy Krauss said...

My favorite part are the shoes. They are gorgeous!

Lydia said...

They sure are!

Pris said...

Wow... theya re super neat shoes! Who do you con in to taking all the pictures of you??

Lydia said...

Aren of course