Friday, February 25, 2011

#1 - 101 Crafts to Make - Martinique Charm Quilt Pt. 1

The end of the week! Thank goodness it is Friday – things are calmer here at work which is nice. I am glad to be able to catch up on all of my work and also have some time in the evenings to contribute to my blog.

Today I am going to start Part 1. of a two part post to be completed at a later date. This is because I had some time in the last week to start on one of my projects for 101 Crafts. This summer I purchased something called “charm squares”. They are pre-cut pieces of fabric in a fabric family packaged neatly to be made into a quilt. My pattern is called “Martinique” and I am really excited to be working on it. I realize that I haven’t finished posting about the other quilt I was making a while back, but this charm quilt is simply too cute not to be started!

I have a few preliminary photos for you to show some of my progress. Once I have time again (March?) I will be posting my progress – so stay tuned for Martinique Pt. 2!

What could be in this nondescript bag?

Charm squares to make a Charm quilt!

Starting to sew.....

Here you can see the three rows I have finished so far. Not much, but I have been top stitching all of the seams so that it lies flat. A bit of extra work but it sure looks nice!

Close up of the top stitched seams.

Well, that was the beginning. I still have quite a ways to go before this one is done. It is going to look lovely when it is completed.
As always I would love to hear about what you are doing!


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Pris said...

Wow that fabric is beautiful! I need to make a quilt... it has been too long... great job. And yes, the top stitching DOES look great! Did you do this at M&D's? (bench gave it away!)