Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nifty New Pincushion / My Strip Quilt!

I got a new book from the library the other day and was pleasantly surprised by some of the projects inside. The book is called "Elegant Linens - 26 Projects for Creating Your Own Luxurious Linens" by Chippy Irvine. This project really struck me as cute (pretty easy too) and I decided to have a whirl at it.

Basically you cut out a shape twice in cardboard, set it on a flannel and trace it out, then on a fabric and trace that out. One layer at a time you secure the fabric/flannel to the cardboard. Once you have both cardboard pieces covered in flannel and fabric you sandwich them together and use tiny overcast stitches to secure it together.

Being the recycler that I am I used cardboard from a beverage 24 pack! Haha.

I didn't take any pictures mid construction (I don't know why..) but this is my finished pincushion! Cute, functional and ready for use. These would have been a great stocking stuffer for my family members who sew. Next year I guess!

Now don't everyone go and start thinking that I forgot about the quilt I started. I am still working on it (I have never made  full size before and gee it takes a long time!).

Here I have strips to be sewn together.

And MORE strips to sewn together.

And EVEN MORE strips to be sewn together. Slow going but I am well on my way! There are realy only 52 strips of strips so it's not THAT bad..... Either way it will be done by the time it is picnic season.

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