Saturday, February 12, 2011

101 Crafts to Make #67 - Cake Decorated With Regular Icing - Birthday Cake!

I am back on the 101 Crafts to Make to do list.
Today's post is about my attempt at making a multi-layer cake decorated with regular icing NOT fondant.
Since my dad's birthday was this month and I was going to be out of camp I decided to make a cake for him. 
Thankfully he is not too judgmental when thinks don't look their prettiest. :)
I wanted to make a triple decker cake, square/rectangularish in shape.
This was my first attempt at such a cake and I am confident that I learned a few things which will make my next cake look a heck of a lot better.

I baked two 9X13 inch cakes and two 9X9 inch cakes using a white cake recipe. Yes that is right - I made all of the cake from scratch.

The first batch of icing I made myself too, but I purchased some extra icing as well as a tube of blue gel and a tube of yellow icing. The yellow icing was less than spectacular. The tube did not come with a tip and the icing was really firm. It was very difficult to maneuver - I would not buy it again.
The white icing did not cover as well as I would have liked it to. You can see some dark areas where the cake shows through. Perhaps if I had a bit more time I could have left the icing sit overnight and then done a second layer to cover more evenly. Perhaps using a coloured icing would have alleviated this problem as well.

I cut out a bunch of stars and glued them to skewers which gave the cake a festive look. They really contributed to it not looking like a flop! They were also a really easy and fun way to spice up the look without spending a lot of extra time and money. 
Overall the cake turned out nice. I think that cake decorating is definitely a skill and takes a lot of time to master. Hopefully my next cake will be even better than this one!
PS. It tastes super phenomenal - the most important part about a cake. 


Tracy Krauss said...

It looked nice too

Pris said...

Holy Crap Batman, that is ALOT of cake! Looks wonderful though, glad you were there to share the day!

Pris said...

PS... you better 'jump on it!' still have ALOT of crafts to go on your list!!! Good luck!