Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crochet Tie Organizer

Hello all!
So today I am showing you how I took a horrible ugly wire hanger and turned it into a super functional tie organizer for the closet.
You see - I have a problem (as I am sure you can tell from the post about my closet) I love clothing. I also have a lot of it. So it stands to reason that I have many many things which need to fit into a small space (yes I have been reorganizing and trying to declutter my space). I decided that since Aren didn't really have a place to store his ties, and I didn't have a place either, why not store them together?
The result was this crocheted tie organizer.

Plain Ugly Wire Hanger

The Magic - Black wool and a crochet hook.

I began at the bottom and crocheted my way around the entire hanger.

Once I had finished crocheting all the way around the hanger I needed to make loops in which the ties could hang. I divided the hanger up very roughly in my mind and decided that 12 loops across would be perfect. Using a chain stitch I made the crocheted the loops, connecting them to the hanger once each was finished.

Voila! A finished organizer to help me utilize the space in my closet better.

If Aren or I ever get any more ties (which inevitably we will) I will need to make another organizer as this one is now full! Fun and easy to make and it sure freed up some space in my dresser drawer.
Hope you all enjoyed this project!


OrloSubito said...

this is so clever!!!!I love it:-D

Tracy Krauss said...

I was about to say 'This is so CLEVER' and then I saw that someone else already said that!!! I really must be so!

CrochetBlogger said...

What a genius idea!

Pris said...

Wow, this could really catch on! Did you come up with this?/ I need one!!!!

Lydia said...

Yes yes I did, maybe you will get one......