Sunday, February 13, 2011

There Is Nothing Like Garden Fresh Veggies

I am finding a recurring theme in a lot of my posts - a return to simple pleasures. Cooking, making, doing and above all enjoying every part of these things. The process, the planning, the work and the outcome.
Well, here we have another post on simple pleasures. From the title I am sure you can guess what it is about.
Aren and I have been really fortunate over the years in that his parents have an AMAZING garden and have been kind enough to share the fruits of their labour with us.
Of course, eventually we would love to have our own garden and grow our own food too.
This past summer we were up to visit Aren's parents and it was so refreshing to be able to go out in to the garden and grab whatever it was you wanted to eat at that moment.
Potatoes and tomatoes? No Problem. Cucumber or rhubarb? How about a fresh salad with herbs? All of it is readily available and oh so delicious.
I managed to take a few pictures before wolfing down all of the good foods we ate, although I got a bit caught up in eating and forgot to take photos of our meals once they were prepared.

Freshly chopped rhubarb.

Two varieties of cucumber and a Russian variety of tomato.


Cooking the Rhubarb. This was soooo scrumptious!

We were even able to find some mushrooms in the woods which were cooked up into a creamy sauce.

Really, truly, there is nothing like garden fresh food.


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Agreed! I have been greedily devouring my "Mother Earth News" lately just waiting for the day I can start planting!