Tuesday, February 22, 2011

101 Crafts to Make #43 - Crochet Dish Cloth

Another easy craft on my list, but at least I am making progress!
My Dad's mother taught me how to crochet when I was young but I have never actually made a dishcloth before. I didn't use a pattern for this one but just made rows of random stitches. It turned out funky with the stripes running from the first row to the last row not quite of the same pattern. No matter, it is quite functional and that is really all that matters with a dishcloth. 
I think that if I make more in the future I will make knitted ones instead as my squares of knitting seem to turn out a lot more square than my crochet squares. I may simply need some more practice with crocheting squares. That or maybe I should follow a pattern!

Here we have my first few crocheted rows.

And here, the final product.

Hope you enjoyed! I am working on quite a few of the more challenging crafts on my list of 101 and I am really hoping I will be able to make all of them before my time is up... Only 6 months and 95 more crafts to go.
Wish me luck! 



Tracy Krauss said...

Its a pretty color of wool.

Pris said...

Good job... I should warn you that you want to use Cotton for dishcloths as they actually absorb water and work... MY first few I made out of the same wool as shown above... and they just aren't as good. They do work though! 1 more check mark!!!

Lydia said...

LOL, thanks, I will have to get some cotton wool, I am pretty sure that was a blend :)