Monday, February 21, 2011

A Belated Happy St. Valentine's Day! & Cheap Books

So I realize that Valentines Day has been over for more than a week now but I still wanted to post about it. Aren surprised me with some roses that morning. We were planning on going out to do some shopping because I had just realized that all of the old classic novels which I loved didn't belong to me. They were my sister's or my mother's and quite frankly my fiction collection was lacking. Ok, basically it was non-existent.
While I was in the shower getting ready to go out searching for books he snuck out of the house and bought me these really pretty flowers.

I purchased a bottle of champagne this year and we shared a glass while watching a really lame romantic movie. I don't like them very much but I guess if you are going to bother watching one it might as well be on Valentine's Day.
You must think I forgot all about the books .... au contrair .....
We first went to Goodwill on our search because although there is a great used book store in town I figured that since my list was so large (185+) I would need to save every penny I could in order to acquire them all.
I can tell you I am sure glad that we went to Goodwill first. The bookshelves were filled with books on my list as well as others which I had forgotten to add to it. This trip was like hitting the jackpot, especially when the hardcover cost $3.99 and the paperback cost $2.49. The Children's books were even cheaper at $1.49 for hardcover and $0.99 for paperback. Amazing.
In the end we bought quite a few.....

(this is a close up so you can better read some of the titles)
We did also visit the used book store as there were many of the books I wanted which weren't at Goodwill. Of course the prices were a lot higher and I only bought a couple from the store.
Gradually I hope to be able to buy/receive all of the books on my list. I'm sure there are those of you out there who couldn't imagine buying/owning so many books but in our family they are treasured possessions.
When I have a chance I will be sure to post a list of all of the books I am aiming to obtain for my fiction collection. I'm sure it will take a long time though as they will not all be available for $2.50 and the list will be revised as new books are printed/discovered.
I would love to hear about what you are reading or if you have any suggestions to add to my library.


Pris said...

Lovely. Simply lovely. Oh...the flowers are nice too! Did you say you have some of my books???? Which ones? I am hoping to have my library completed downstairs this Spring, it will be amazing!
PS I love the picture in the background of your flower shots, when did you do it?

Lydia said...

Hahaha, no I didn't say I have some of your books - I said I realized that all of the books I like are owned by you or mother. Meaning that I do not have them in my possession at all. Which makes me sad :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia:

I read your blog from Mexico City.

it´s awesome!


Nick:Sam Seidel

Lydia said...