Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Musings From My Sketchbook

Welcome to Round Two of my sketchbook. You can see the first post about it HERE.
Since I had quite a good reception on that last post I felt that I wanted to share more with all of you in terms of my drawings and artwork. I hope you will enjoy this - another glance into my crazy creative mind!

Of course I absolutely LOVE shoes and sketch them quite often. My book is full of shoes from different angles, stylized and realistic. Some are drawn from real shoes that I won and others from my imagination. Sadly I don't own the pair in this drawing.

This is a random collection of inspiration drawings for clothing. Some of the concepts above were translated into portions of real garments, others - not so much.

The next three drawings go together. This first one shows a croquis (fashion figure) being drawn. Note the subtle differences between the two above and then the final product below.

A closeup of the girls. These are very stylized croquis whereas some will look more realistic.

I saw this pose in a magazine once and had to do a really rough sketch to catch it's essence. Maybe someday I will do a finished drawing/painting in this style.

Three drawings of the same woman with varying degrees of stylization.

More face play - trying out different proportions and styles.

50's inspired lingerie-esque clothing and hairstyles.

These outfits are a lot more formal and complex. The croquis are expressionless so that the clothing speaks for itself whereas in the last set the hair and facial expression contributed a great deal to the overall look.

And finally - a bit of fun. These are two unfinished comic book style drawings that I did. the style uses a lot of black outline and black crosshatching to give depth to the characters. you will notice the figures are not nearly as lean or as tall as the croquis. They are more "realistic" in proportion (although perhaps not in looks).
Hopefully you enjoyed seeing a bit of what I draw and maybe you will be inspired to do a little sketching yourself. It's a really good idea to try and draw out your ideas first when you are planning a clothing refashion or any other type of original design process. It can help you get your thoughts collected and keep you from making a costly mistake.
Ciao for now!


Gabriele von Conga-Baeren said...

Wow, deine Zeichnungen sind ja echt große klasse. Und natürlich auch deine Ideen ;-)

Viele liebe Grüße

mizdarlin said...

It's always interesting to see someone else's processes..because it is the process, rather than the finished product that makes us take the journey over and over again..

Tracy Krauss said...

Superb! If Lichtenstein could turn comic style into 'high art' why not croquis' too?