Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Beautiful Weather To Enjoy

Greetings all!
Today I am posting some fun pictures of an outfit I wore on one of our in-between-summer days. Warm enough but still windy and a bit chilly. It rained a bit actually....
The tunic I bought at a thrift store and modified to fit me better - $1.00, the belt is also from a thrift shop - $0.50, my jeans are from Garage and the sandals I bought in Germany (I can't remember the store...).

Aren and I went for what started as a walk but what ended as a "snac-nic". This is a new term I invented for a picnic that is really only a snack not a full meal. I hid my bag of chips from the camera.....

Needless to say it was very windy outside! I am pretty sure that we live in one of the windiest places on the planet earth. Quite annoying at times.... I don't like the taste of my own hair very much but it is forever getting blown around.....

The tunic has pockets on the sides which are very useful for hiding things like juice boxes, pet rocks and lucky pennies found in the park.

Hooray for summer!

I am pretty sure I was in the middle of smiling and laughing at the same time... goofy!

We were trying to get some "action" shots with jumping... mostly I am still standing on the ground in these.
Keep enjoying that beautiful weather!
Ciao for now,

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Gabriele von Conga-Baeren said...

Hi Lydia,

da hast du aber ein tolles Schnäppchen gemacht. Tolle Bluse.

Deine Fröhlichkeit steckt an. Freut mich, dass es dir so gut geht. Hoffentlich bleibt das Wetter bei euch so.

Gruß Gabriele