Friday, August 13, 2010

Aiko Deconstructed Jeans

Hello to all of you in Blogland!
Well today I am going to share with you an outfit as I haven't done this in quite some time.
These jeans are fast becoming my absolute favourites to wear. I had a hard time getting them, but it was definitely worth the effort. I was supposed to be in camp when the jeans first came out but then the salesgirl told me the delivery date was being pushed forward so I would actually be home. Well of course the jeans were still late arriving and I actually went back to the store three times before I was able to finally purchase them!

I adore these shoes too - they are so funky! I picked them up in Edmonton on one of my shopping trip stopovers between camp and home. The next picture shows a really glood close up.

Really amazing aren't they?
This outfit consists of Silver Jeans, H&M black jacket, RW&Co. white shirt, Aldo heels, Aldo necklace, and my Coach bag.
I love a really simple cute outfit. This one is perfect for everyday - grocery shopping or going for a coffee, perhaps a quick stop to the library.
Have a wonderful day everyone, keep enjoying that summer weather!

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