Thursday, June 3, 2010

Randomness From My Sketchbook

A person who will remain unnamed has been asking, or rather continues to suggest, that I upload pictures of my artwork/sketchbook to my blog. I am finally going to give in to the pressure. You have seen what I wear, what I eat, what I paint (the finished products anyways), what I sew and now: the crazy things that happen in my mind. Well, I exagerate a little since some of these were school projects and I am not going to put anything too wierd online. Mostly these are sketches of clothing, random sketches or drawings - some finished some not. Either way I hope you will enjoy them.

The opening page of my portfolio.

Kate Moss half started.....

Designs, none of which have been made yet.

I turned the TopHat drawing into a pattern and painted it in a series. I will have to find those again...

More designs.

Marker drawing. I did this just last year when we moved into the new apartment.

This is one of my favourite drawings, the girls are so cheeky! It's actually in my portfolio too.
Anywho, I will try to find some more finished drawings, although a sketch book is ... sketchy stuff.
Ciao for now.


Tracy Krauss said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! You have such a way with gesture. these are truly supurb. Why aren't you getting rich doing this ?????

Melissa said...

I adore your sketches. I wish my sketchbook was half as lovely as yours. Instead mine is more of an idea pad than a sketchbook lol.

I would love to have you along for another sew along. I will hopefully be doing something in August, maybe September at the latest. I am super interested in refashion these days so it will probably have sort of recycling theme to it again.

Thanks so much for reading, it is always nice ot meet a fellow Canadian blogger.

Melissa said...

P.S. If you made the last drawing into a print, I bet you could find buyers. *hint hint*