Monday, August 9, 2010

Aqua Lumiere Dress by SewOno

So apparently all of the posts that I had scheduled to post while I was away on vacation did not post. I am not sure if I did something wrong when setting it up or if it was a blogger blooper, but either way I returned home this morning to find that nothing had been posting on my blog.
I will give you more details on my trip coming up, but suffice to say that after the 26th of July we had not internet and no phone service... Anyways on to today's post!

I was so excited when I got out of camp because a package had arrived for me. Inside that package was a beautiful handcrafted dress that I purchased through Etsy. The Aqua Lumiere Dress by SewOno. You can find her clothing on Etsy HERE or if you see something that she has made on her website you can email her and see if it is still for sale. That is how I found out about this dress!
I am so pleased with how it looks and am happy that we have nice weather so I can wear it.

All of these pictures were taken at Aren's parents home in the Yukon. Beautiful weather and a lovely setting!
My sandals are Clarks and the sweater is Joe Fresh.

Aren't these flowers gorgeous? They had been knocked over by the wind so I rescued them for a bouquet.

Keep enjoying that lovely summer!