Friday, October 9, 2009

The Skort That Never Ends - Potholders Upcycled From Skort

So I am sure you are all laughing at me as I try to use up the remnants of this skort. You won't believe me either when I say that there are STILL remnants. I know, I find it hard to believe myself. While browsing the net I saw these cute quilted potholders at House on Hill Road and thought it might use up some of the short part of the skort. Well it did! My quilting did not turn our quite as nice as I would have liked but that is what I get for using a stretch cotton....
I know you all have seen what this thing looks like, but for posterity I am posting it yet again.

Two lovely quilted potholders! Both sides of the potholder are in the floral fabric. Since it is a lightweight fabric I used two pieces of denim with batting in between for each of the potholders. This will ensure that no one burns their hands when lifting that hot casserole from the oven.

And of course you can set that lovely casserole right on top to keep your counter/table free of burns. The potholder looks rather large in this picture but in reality it is only about 8x8. Stay tuned to see what I will do with the remaining scraps of skort.

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