Monday, December 6, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010 - Starcraft Nova Costume

Hey everyone!
Last time out I was consumed with making my Hallowe'en costume from scratch. I hope you will enjoy these pictures! WARNING: This will be a long post as there are a lot of pictures. : )
I found out that I would be out for Hallowe'en only two weeks before the date, so I didn't have a lot of time to construct my costume. I decided that I wanted to go as Nova (Ghost) from Starcraft (a computer game).Tthe costume ended up being a lot more work than I thought it was going to be.
First I have a whole bunch of photos of the finished costume. I borrowed Brendon's Air Soft gun for the pictures but didn't take it out with us as it looks too much like a real gun.

In this one you can see a lot of the lights that we incorporated into it.

Aren told me I wasn't supposed to smile because people with guns don't smile. I'm not very good at looking serious for pictures.

Now on to the construction phase of the costume:

What a huge mess!!

This is my original sketch for the bodice armour. I decided afterwards that having the shoulder pads point downwards was going to be much too restrictive.

These are front and back flat sketches for the one piece. All of the style lines are included, although modifications were made in the final garment.

I drafted a pattern for the bodysuit and initially I was going to make it all out of PVC. Well that turned out to be a horrible idea as it pulled and bunched all over the place. Luckily I had some bamboo stretch fabric at home that I could use. I drafted the pattern and made two different prototypes before I finally made the suit itself. All of the piping is black PVC, tricky to sew!
I constructed the body armour with PVC, tape, glue, papermache and LOTS of time. It took me forever to get it properly formed.
Nova's suit lights up so of course I had to have LED's and EL wire in it. The store only had 6 blue LED's though so I am hoping to work on the costume more and add more lighting to it.

Yes folks, ALL of the piping was hand made by moi.

Piping and sewing part of the bodice.

Piped in the middle and piped around the outside. PVC is sticky when it sews so I had to buy a roller foot.

Inside of the outfit.

Outside of the outfit.

The foam served as pattern pieces for the PVC as well as gave the bodice extra shape. There were battery packs hidden inside here and the backpack as well.

While We Were Out:

Me with Master Chief. You can see the lights better in the dark.

Aren and I. He didn't have as much time as I did to make his costume but he was a Nintendo controller and SUPER proud of it. He made the whole thing on Saturday before we went out. He said he is going to do some more work on it and make sides and stuff too. It was super sweet either way!

Did I mention he was Super proud of being a Nintendo controller? This is us with two of our friends.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures of our costumes.
As I said earlier, I plan on putting more lights on mine and reworking some elements. I had no idea it would be quite as much work as it turned out to be and would have liked a bit more time on some parts.
Until next time,


Tracy Krauss said...

Incredible! It was amazing to see the process from start to finish. You are SOOOOOOOOOO clever! (I loved Aren's controller too!)

Pris said...

Oh my goodness... what a lot of work! But you looked awesome! Great work... you and Aren both! He is so creative as well! My Hubby would never make a costume!! :)

Lufas/Lydia said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm planning on cosplaying Kerrigan (the non-infested) at the Assembly in Helsinki, Finland in August, and this just might help me out lots and lots :) Your costume is awesome!

Also, we share the same name \o/ YAY for us!!

Mike said...

Hi. This mite be a bit off topic but i was wondering if you know where i can get a zerg costume from? I am not particularly looking for a specific zerg costume, just a zerg one :). If i found a good once i would pay anything to get it! lol Thx.

Lydia said...

Mike - don't really know about a Zerg costume, I made mine but maybe something could be worked out. It would depend how realistic etc. Couldn't find any contact info for you.