Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome Multicoloured Rug

Hey all! I am currently in camp and I was sick for the past few days so I apologize for my lack of posting activity! I will try to be more dilligent in getting things online for you. Perhaps this week I will take some photos here at the Mine Site so you all can get an idea of what it is like here at Ekati. For now I am sharing some pictures of this amazing rug we have at our house. I bought this rug from a woman at the Farmers Market and I love all of the colours put together! It is so bright and vibrant. She also makes rugs to your specifications (colour preferences). We had a brown and tan one made for the bedroom, maybe I will post those photos later. So now the rug:


Tracy Krauss said...

Yes, it is pretty spectacular.The pictures don't actually do it justice.

Lydia said...

Quite right! The woman who makes them is very talented.