Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As some of you may know, this summer I am going on a trip.
Aren and I will be joining my sister Priscilla and her husband Kurtis on a camping/hunting/fishing/berry&mushroom picking holiday to the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of B.C. It is going to be a lot of fun. Since I am going on the trip with one of my siblings I decided today that I wanted to do a random post about siblings.
I hope that all of you are blessed with having siblings with whom you can share your life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really the sentimental type, but I do appreciate my siblings.
You see siblings are different than friends. Mostly because you get to choose who you want to be friends with and you don't have a choice about your brothers or sisters.
Also because they have to like you no matter what. Mom said so.

Sometimes (most of the time I hope) things will be wonderful. Life will be rosy and you will be able to sip champagne together in front of your castle without a care in the world.
Best Friends.

Other times you will fight like cats and dogs (or knights and pirates?) and be at odds with one another.

I will warn you not to get in between an argument that involves family members however. They will turn on you in an instant, now having a common enemy to unite them.

But of course all fights must end and eventually peace will be restored. That is the great thing about siblings, eventually they decide that they don't really hate you.
What are my favourite things about siblings?

They take trips with you. Priscilla and myself in Vietnam with friends.

Priscilla and myself in Cambodia.

Priscilla and myself taking a ferry in Thailand.

You will always look good in a group. The Gang- Zachary, Eliza, Priscilla, Lydia.

They will be weird with you in public. Eliza and myself - The King lives on!

You can look "cool" together.

Siblings help you pick wedding dresses.

Siblings will laugh at you when your Mum beats you in arm wrestling. (She beat all of them first)

There will always be one sibling who is crazier than you. Or at least as crazy as you.

Siblings cheer for the same sports teams. Or at least mine do....

They dress up with you ....

They wait for you.....

And most important - they still like you after all these years.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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Have a lovely evening folks!


Pris said...

Oh my gosh...not sentimental my foot! I almost got teary reading this...almost. I LOVE all the pictures! And no, I had never seen the dress-up knight/pirate ones...I need them! We have had a lot of great adventures together...and I know this next one is going to be just as good! Can't wait to skin a deer with you!!
Love Me (and you too I guess)

Laurel said...

Fab pictures=)
I only have one brother and he's an idiot *sigh*

Tracy Krauss said...

I loved this. (I should say so!) Every picture went so well with the text. I am also not that sentimental, but it almost brought a tear to my eye, too! Love ya!

Karen Wilson said...

This is so good! I love it! I've the pleasure of having Priscilla on my DT and getting to know her and her creativity has been fun! I am lucky enough to have 2 brothers and a sister and I love them all dearly! Enjoy your trip!

Lydia said...

Thanks for the comments guys! :)

Pris - I will have to send them to you then. I thought you had a copy....