Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favourite Month of The Year

Summer is my favourite time of year - for good reason - but July is my favourite month. It is a month full of birthdays, vacations, hot weather, swimming, camping trips and fun. Not only is my and my grandpa's birthday in July but so is my sisters, my brother in-laws, my father in laws,  a couple of my cousins, some of my cousins kids, one of my good friends, Canada's and now a friends wedding anniversary too! It is basically a month long celebration.
This July my family on my mother's side AND my family on my fathers side are getting together for family reunions - we will be busier than ever! Not to mention that Aren and I are embarking on our trip to the Queen Charlottes with Pris and Kurtis.
When I was a child, July meant that we were going to live at the lake. It meant swimming lessons in freezing water with icky weeds grazing your feet, renting "jump time" on the trampoline at the Beach House and buying penny candies and jawbreakers with our allowances. It meant sandcastles and fireside cookouts, leeches and mosquito bites, sandy beds and rowboating.
I sincerely hope that your July will be filled with as much fun as mine. I leave you now with some photos of my parents and I outside of my place when they came to visit me a while back.
I am wearing a shirt from Aritzia, sweater is Tommy,purse is from the thrift shop, boots are NAOT and the cutoffs were old pants my sister gave me.


Tracy Krauss said...

We are a good looking trio! Hooray for summer!

Lydia said...

I would have to agree with you. :) Yes, it is too bad I am not there to enjoy it with you - today it was -1. I am serious about that.