Monday, July 19, 2010

Beauty in Lead

Hello dear readers! Today is all about drawing, pencil drawing.
The picture you see below was drawn a number of years ago. However, I came to a standstill one night as I realized that although the drawing is not "finished" per say, I like the way it looks in it's "unfinished" state. So the question remains- is it finished or unfinished?
I have not decided yet.
Maybe someday I will take out those pencils and continue drawing this lovely picture but for now I am content to view it as is. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this subject so please comment away.

Here you have a clear view of the magazine photo I was drawing from and the drawing.

Up close and personal.

A second, clearer (perhaps?) view.
I apologize for my lack of correspondence is the last few days, but as I mentioned last week, this was a very hectic time for me.
Enjoy today!


Pris said...

I like it. I think it is finished...but it could always become unfinshed again and you could work on it. Very nice. Youw ere featured at Totally Tutorials again yesterday! Very nice to see. Did you know that you can "schedule" posts for when you are away or at camp? I just figured it out...and now I have the next three weeks all set up and ready for when we are on holidays...

Tracy Krauss said...

I definitely think it is finished. Sometimes reworking a piece just spoils it and you can't get the same fresh feel again.