Thursday, June 24, 2010

Painting by Doreen Schmidt Nagel

Greetings from BC! I am currently (and have been for the past week) visiting my parents. We came down for Father's day and ended up staying quite a while longer as my dad is building a garage. I have been sewing and playing board games, cooking and helping with the garage. I will be posting photos from this week later on but the internet connection here is quite slow and uploading takes more patience than I currently have. I did want to share something with all of you though since I have been gone for such a long time.
This is an absolutely lovely painting that was done by my grandmother Doreen. It is always nice to have sentimental things around the house to remind you of the people that you love. My grandma loved anything artsy and painted on just about everything. She painted cupboards, rocks, saws, antlers, walls, and the outsides of houses with murals. She also spent time instilling a love of art, music and reading within all of her children and grandchildren.
My mother has done the same always encouraging her children to be creative – Thanks Mum!

It has been nice spending time with family this week, too bad I am going back to work soon. We had time for some walks around the neighborhood, garage sales and movies in between all of our other activities so it has been a good few days. I did get a sunburn though while working on the garage and it is hard to sleep with burned shoulders! My fault for being outside at noon with a tank top on - will I ever learn?
In other news - I am SUPER excited about my next time off from work as Pris and Kurt invited us to go along with them on a camping trip to the Queen Charlotte's!!! There will be berry picking, mushroom picking, deer hunting, clam digging, fishing and lots of campfires and cookouts. I am sooo excited it is ridiculous. As soon as we get home I am going to have to start preparing.
Keep enjoying your summer!


Pris said...

Remember when this painting was mine and then you STOLE it?? I am still bitter.

Lydia said...

Maybe you are thinking of a different painting?

Tracy Krauss said...

It brings back memories just the same. (No fighting!)