Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bend The Rules Sewing - A Project From a New Book

Hello to all you people in cyberspace! I am glad today is over (we were SUPER busy) and although I have to get up tomorrow at 4 I couldn't wait to share this book I found at the library with you.
Just before I left home I took a trip to the library (this was Sunday I think) to grab a few reads for camp. Well out of nowhere I picked up this fun book and I am so glad I did because it has some really neat projects in it. Some of you may have heard about a blog called Angry Chicken. The book is by the author of that blog and in it she shows you some really cute projects. I really want to make this cute elf hat they show but don't have a baby I can give it to yet. No nieces and nephews.......

The book is called Bend The Rules Sewing and while I found the first part a bit boring (it details basic sewing steps/terms etc. which would probably be useful for the beginner) the projects are all really cute and fun.

I decided to whip up one of these cute and easy clutch bags that they had on the front cover. It is basically a lined "sack" with a button and elastic closure. Super fun!

Here are a couple of close up shots so you can see the colours. I like how the lining fabric is still visible even when the clutch is closed.

I have already put this to good use and brought along some sewing needles and thread so I can finish a few more little doodads while I am out here at camp. This could be a cute purse but I like it as a kind of organizer/carryall for my small craft supplies while I am on the go.

I haven't heard much from you guys in the past little while, hope you are keeping well. I have been over on Cut Out+Keep a lot lately myself. It is a really fun community and I am loving getting to know other crafters from around the world. Creative people are the best kind of people to hang out with!
It is also nice for me since I have had a bit of a rough time assimilating in Grande Prairie what with being away at work 6 months out of the year. I can bring all of you Internet friends with me to camp!
Which reminds me that I promised you all a glimpse into life here at the Mine.
It is still coming. The ice on the lake has finally melted so I will be able to get a few "summer shots" for you guys. Until tomorrow - Adios!


Tracy Krauss said...

I love how you just 'whipped it up' in your two minutes of spare time!!

Lydia said...

That's what I do!
Honestly it is a really easy little project to make though.