Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Presents!!!

Well now that Christmas is over I can actually post all of the pictures I took of the gifts I made for everyone. Hurray!

So for starters here are these really cute square box/bags that I made for my sister and my mother.

The one for my mum has two leather leaves sewn onto one side. The zipper is orange to coordinate with the lining of the tote I made her. All of the fabric, leather and even the zippers came from my stash.

This is the tote I made for my mum. Thread sketching is one of my new favourite things! It isso much fun to do and it is surprisingly easy too. I drew on the fabric first with a disappearing fabric marker and then stitched over the design. Sooo much fun.

The inside is a gorgeous shade of orange. I didn't put any pockets on the inside, I don't know if I had a reason for this... I think I just didn't want any pockets. It looks sleek and smooth and very shiny.

A close up on the little birds. These were so fun to sew. Honestly thread sketching opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I had done this before with random zig zagging or random lines but wow, an actual picture and it turned out so cool too. Can you tell I'm proud of this one?

My sister gave me these crazy pants a while back to be refashioned into somethin new. I hope she will be pleasantly surprised with the drawstring bags I made for her stocking!

This was SUPER easy since the drawstrings were already in the pants. I chopped off the legs, serged and voila! Two new drawstring bags. A great stocking stuffer.
Unfortunately I am unable to post ALL of the Christmas present pictures as my husband went to work today and took the memory card with all my pictures by accident. Hopefully he will be back before I have to go back to work!

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