Monday, January 4, 2010

The CraZY String Quilt Project!

    So I have a LOT of fabric in my stash. I mean A LOT. I get fabric from thrift stores, family members, old clothes, the Reuse Centre, stores, everywhere basically. So I have been thinking for a while that I really wanted to make a quilt for use when we go out for picnics. When I was a child we had this heavy old quilt that had been made by my dad's mum. It was four layers of fabric scraps (no batting) pieced together and then tied with yarn. Most (if not all) of the fabric was from old clothes or other worn out items. We used it for everything: picnincs, playing in the sand, sleeping with, etc. By no means was it a perfect quilt but I think that is what gave it so much character. Well today I was online checking out some different string quilt pictures and I was getting frustrated with what I was seeing UNTIL I found this post on Lazy Gal Quilting.

This picture appears on her blog and is an example of a string quilt made during the depression era. It really reminded me a lot of the quilt my grandma made. No set pattern, no typical "quilt" look. I had been planning on making a quilt with my fabric but felt that I didn't want it to look like a typical "country quilt". Well this particular post really gave me the inspiration I needed to begin this project and I am super excited about it! Check out the post if you want, perhaps you will be inspired as well!
Stay tuned for pictures of my own quilt once it is underway!!!

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