Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween Nintendo Style!

So this year I am in camp for Halloween which means no trick or treating, no monster mash bashes and that I have to work. Horrible. Since I won't be really going all out and dressing up this year I am going to post my costume from last year. Aren and I went as Mario and Luigi and his best friend joined us as Toad. We had an awesome time of course!

The moustaches became EXTREMELY itchy by the end of the night. I wore mine almost 19 hours since I had been wearing the costume at work as well (I got many wierd looks). I don't know how men can do it. I would never want a real stache. Oh and for the record Mario is suppossed to be pudgy so I made myslef a stomach. I was not pregnant (can you believe people asked me that?). I do look like a little boy though.

Of course I couldn't find any of these cheesy cartoon style gloves anywhere so I had to make them. They were so dirty by the end of the night! Aren could not stop pretending to be Italian either - It's-a-me-a, Luigi!

I made all three of our costumes, including the hats. Aren did the form for the Toad hat and I sewed it all together. What a cute little Nintendo family! We were suppossed to have a Princess Peach but he bailed.

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