Monday, August 24, 2009

Necklace/Earring Frames

This is a project that I made last month. I found it while browsing Cut Out and Keep

I bought the frames at Sally Ann's for $2 or $3 each.

Removed the glass and backing, placed my old IGA flyer on the balcony and got ready to spray.
The spraying wasn't too hard, other than that it was a teeny bit windy. Remember to start spraying BEFORE the frame and end AFTER, so that you don't get the drizzly bits/drippy spots.

A painted frame, drying.
For the earring frame I very fortunately had found some mesh at Goodwill (but you can get it at a craft store). I used the cardboard backing as a guide and voila - a perfect piece of mesh.
For some reason this is sideways, but all it shows is me putting the mesh into the dry frame. You can staple it in afterwards if you want, but my frame had metal clips to hold in the picture and they held in the mesh just fine. These are my ceiling hooks - Peavey Mart special.
I marked off where I wanted the hooks to go and drilled out little holes before screwing in the ceiling hooks. Pre-drilling makes it easier to insert the hooks and keeps them uniform.

Both frames, finished and full! I did make two earring frames, but one was camera shy.
Now I am working on a box for those stray bracelets you see in the picture.......


Priscilla said...

This is great. I was inspired by you, and made the project as well. I found a large frame at a garage sale for $2.. it is an antique, painted white with gold edges... quite nice. I'll take a picture one of these days. It is large enough for most of my nice necklaces, and even a few earings. 21 hooks. Good job!

Lydia said...

How come you haven't posted any pictures of your frame yet?

Maria Isabel said...

Those are lovely, I made a frame for my kid's hair accessories but now I need some frames for my earnings!

Lydia said...

They are super easy to make!