Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Woman With a Blue Cropped Jacket - Acrylic on Canvas

Finally I decided to take pictures DURING the painting process so that it is possible to see the picture develop. What fun! This painting is a lot larger than the last two I did, measuring 18x24.

Here you see the outline of the woman worked out in a light yellow. I already did the first layer of skin colour followed by two progressively darker shadings to get some shape in her face. It almost looks like she has her eyes closed here!

The entire background has been filled in with light yellow and I blocked out her jacket as well as her hair. No changes have been made to her face.

Now you can see that her shift dress has been blocked in and the jacket has it's first layer of shading. Two corners have been shaded with blue to start the background and her eyes have been blocked in. The hair has been darkened and some style lines added. Also preliminary work on the lips has begun.

View #4 has the eyes and eyebrows as well as some of the final shading on the jacket. I re-blocked her hair as the shape and shading just weren't what I wanted. Here the lips have been defined more but are not yet completed. White highlights were added on the nose, forehead and cheekbones to add definition to her face.

Here we see that some scrollwork has beed added in the background. The bottom lip was repainted to give it a fuller look and some highlights were added.

Scrollwork has been added in all four of the corners now. The face has been shaded slightly around the nose, eyes and cheeks as well the side of the neck is darkened. The hair has three layers of shading at this point and I have started on her ear. Still a lot of work to do though, we'll see how much more I can accomplish before I go back to camp.


ruby murray said...

Awesome, wow Schmeyha you have been busy with your time away from Etown, I am so loving all the projects but I have to try the ruffle clutch. Big hugs xxxx

Lydia said...

Thanks Mama Em! I miss seeing you guys and hopefully will be able to make it to Edmonton soon for a visit.