Monday, February 8, 2010

The Old Woman With the Blue Kerchief - A Funny Painting

I love to make stuff or do stuff and at times I get an overwhelming urge to make something. I am sure many of you other artsy people have experienced this at one time or another as well! This Christmas seemed to be an exceptionally artictic one for me. Aren and I spent the holidays with my family and while my dad was getting something from the freezer he noticed this wooden plaque with a painting on it. Suffice to say that it was not a picture my mum wanted hung in her home and it had been left in the laundry room presumably by the homes previous owner. As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to paint a new picture on top of the old one. In my excitement I forgot to take a before picture but it doesn't matter that much now. I primed the plaque with white to cover the picture and then proceeded to paint this rather comical grandmother in a blue kerchief.
Her extra large nose and curly lips add to her charm, don't you think? Haha. My mother claimed her but I have yet to see where her new home is. In this photo she is just propped up on the piano. As with everything, this was a lot of fun for me. Hope it gives you a smile!

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