Sunday, December 29, 2013

The End of 2013

Hi Everyone!
I haven't been overly active on my blog but I have been extremely busy offline.
A recap of 2013 month by month:

January: Aren and I rang in the new Year at home with friends. Aren's brother, a DJ stage name Foxhound, and some other local DJ's Beat Reynolds and Sunny Phono put on an amazing show. I performed with local Rapper Stretch-9 and had an amazing start to what would turn out to be an amazing year.

February: My dad's birthday. Aren and I were busy planning our upcoming vacation to Japan. This has been a dream of his for many years. His brother and my sister will be joining us.

March: My parents set off on their holiday to Cuba. All of us kids chipped in to send them on their first all inclusive tropical vacation to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.
I had the opportunity to sing with all of the lovely Sunday School Children at our Easter Service. There are some very talented young kids in this group!

April: My Artwork was displayed in the Tumbler Ridge Art Space.

May: JAPAN! We traveled to Japan for a three week dream vacation. It was one of the best vacations I have ever been on and I hope we will be able to return again someday. The Japanese people are very warm and inviting and made our stay unbelievable. Aren and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary while in Japan.
Life Size GUNDAM!

June: I announced my retirement at work. It was a challenging and rewarding experience to work at the Mine but the time had come for me to say goodbye. I will never forget the people or experiences I had while working at Ekati.
Photo by Nahanni Construction NCL

June 22 - Sang at a show with Stretch-9 at The Coal Bin. If you haven't heard his music yet you should check it out. Stretch-9 on Reverbnation

July: My niece Evangeline was born!
In the newspaper on my birthday! I was asked to sing at GrizzFest and our local paper ran an article about each performer/group. I also received a Nexus for my birthday.

A new track from Stretch-9, featuring yours truly was released on SoundCloud. Ms. Miss.
Have a listen if you haven`t already.

August: Sang at Grizz-Fest with my friend local rap artist Stretch-9. It was awesome to get up and perform for people, some friends even came down from the Yukon to see us! Other performers included George Canyon, The Real McKenzie's and Dragonette. It was pretty cool to share the stage with these people.
Backstage at Grizz-Fest
 Aren and I began renovations to our house. Lots of work!

September: Still renovating....!

Aren's sister moved in with us and started school here in town.
Kailee and Kia
October: I won the Best Costume prize at the Hallowe'en party we attended. Aren should have won with his HAND MADE Daft Punk helmet. I don't think people realized that he wired all of the LED's himself and fabricated the helmet out of Fiberglass. He is pretty amazing!
I began working on some Musical collaborations with DJ's around the world.

November: My favorite sports team the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS win the Grey Cup! Amazing! Our family was then featured in our local newspaper!

December: I entered 5 pieces of Artwork into the South Peace Art Societies Member Show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. This was my first show as a SPAS Member.

My first collaboration was released on SoundCloud with musical artist nberk. 
Have a listen if you haven`t already.
Community Choir Concert - I was blessed to be able to join this group of talented people and had the opportunity to sing a special number during the concert as a trio with Bob and Michael (last names kept anonymous in case they don't want internet publicity!) I was also able to create a number of original Art pieces which were used as a part of the visual display during the concert.

Church Christmas Pageant - I was asked to play Mary and had a fun time participating in this event. I bet it was the first time Mary had blonde/blue hair! Disclaimer - not my baby but my wonderful friend Jen's bundle of joy Edward.

Christmas with my family and our new niece Evangeline!

Our Christmas Tree

I updated my Art Website with new work so please check it out:

I have prints available for purchase now as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Tracy Krauss said...

When you see it all together it was a very productive and eventful year. congrats on the wonderful art and the amazing music!

Lydia Hibbing said...

Thanks Marmee! Sometimes it helps to see it all at once so we can put things in perspective. It is so easy to overlook all of the great things that have happened in the past because nothing "great" has happened today (or any particular day).