Monday, September 6, 2010

101 Crafts To Make This Year

Hello everyone! As the title suggest this is a list of 101 Crafts To Make This Year.
I do not mean before 2011 (yeah right!) but I do mean before Labour Day 2011.
One Year. Lets see if I can do it!
This list will be posted as a seperate page so you can follow along and view my progress.
I will update as I go along.

1. Quilt
2. Crochet an afghan
3. Make a Candle
4. Marie Antoinette Style Shoes
5. Painted Matryoshka
6. Bar Soap
7. Upcycle a pair of Shoes
8. Fur Collar Sweater (as seen in LV F/W 2010)
9. Cape/Capelet
10. Amauti
11. Flat Cuckoo Clock
12. Lace Skirt
13. Headboard
14. Beer Bottle Glass
15. Marie Antoinette Style Dress
16. Disco Shoes
17. Spatterdashes
18. Zipper Bracelet
19. Keyboard Jewellery
20. Barrell Monkey Necklace
21. A Pair of Shoes From Scratch
22. Mosaic
23. Button Pillow
24. Strip Quilt Wallet
25. Button Tray
26. Bowtie Blouse
27. Red Skirt
28. Quilted Jacket
29. Tomato Pincushion
30. Embellished Knee Highs
31. Painted Candlestick
32. Coffee Cozy
33. 3-Tier Serving Platter
34. Lace collar
35. Crochet Top
36. "Poodle" Style Skirt
37. Cube Storage Unit
38. Wreath
39. Jeans With Leather Insert
40. Googly Eye Shoes
41. Chandelier
42. Floppy Disc Wallet
43. Crochet Dish Cloth
44. Ring
45. Embellished Tights
46. Studded Shoulder Pads
47. Mummy Painting
48. Redo Jewellery box
49. Scrapbook Pages
50. Gloves
51. Spiked Heels
52. Earrings
53. Lace Parasol
54. Ruffle Pillow
55. Belt
56. Sewn Stash Bags (as seen on Purl Bee)
57. Leggings
58. Homemade Paper
59. Long Evening Gown
60. Crochet Slippers
61. Stuffed Owl(s)
62. Coffee Table
63. Telephone
64. Super Mario Quilt
65. Watercolour Painting
66. Painted Dishes
67. Cake Decorated With Regular Icing (not fondant)
68. Bikini
69. Shrug
70. Sewn Coasters
71. Necklace
72. Hat
73. Produce Bags
74. Screen Print Something
75. Greeting Cards
76. Purse
77. Beaded Coin Purse
78. Fused Plastic Something
79. Button Necklace
80. Crocheted Basket
81. Pyarr Dress From Capricorn Fever Collection
82. Bra Strap Hider
83. Corset
84. Shorts
85. Ring Organizer
86. Sewing Machine Cover
87. Bracelet
88. Light Bulb Lamp (Seen on Instructables)
89. Skull T-Shirt
90. Collage
91. Mukluks
92. Cake Decorated with Fondant
93. Fingerless Gloves
94. Quilted Handbag
95. Zipper Embellishment
96. Scarf Hanger
97. Magazine Folders
98. Drawer Organizer
99. White Strapless Dress with Organza Yoyos and tie belt
100. Really Large Painting
101. Amirigurumi Mushroom

As always I would love to see your versions of any of the projects listed above.


Tracy Krauss said...

I'll be keeping track!

Lydia said...


mizdarlin said...

Don't worry-it isn't as tough as it sounds...because I sell my work online and at weekly craft markets (and do custom work too) rarely go more than two days without making something..actually, it feels odd if it's been awhile since I have will find your rhythm.. and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do-you will be amazed at how much your technique will improve over the next year!

Pris said...

Great idea.. I have a list too, but posting it sure will help to keep you accountable! I may have to type mine up and do the same thing! Good luck!!