Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painted Matryoshka Box

Lately I have been obsessed with Matryoshka dolls {Matryoshka Hot Water Bottle}. I don't quite know why really. I've always loved them (blame my Dad who got a set from some Russian sailors when we lived in Churchill) but now I love them even more, if that makes sense..... So I was doing my taxes at the tax office and next thing you know I was thinking about nesting dolls. Once I got home I went straight to the computer and started looking up pictures of dolls, things with dolls on them etc. Well the next day Aren and I were out shopping for some fabric to recover the kitchen chair cushions and I decided that I NEEDED to paint a Matryoshka. So I bought this little paper mache box and some wooden eggs (you'll see them in an upcoming post) to paint stacking doll style. First I primed the box with a couple of white coats. then I began painting on my little Russian lady.

This is at about the midway point in the painting. Very plain, no decoration yet.

Here is a little close up of the doll. I admit that it is not nearly as nice a face as you will find on many of the actual nesting dolls, but for me it will do just fine. To give an idea of size, the box is 3 1/4 long by 2 1/4 wide.

Here it is all finished!

Varnished and ready to go. I am happy with how it turned out. I left the base white so that the doll really stands out. Hope you enjoyed seeing this fun craft!


Tracy Krauss said...

She is SO cute! I love it!

Lydia said...

It was pretty fun painting it too. I was thinking of making some of these for Christmas presents..

Priscilla said...

That is a great idea... she is even super cuter in real life... good work!

Lydia said...

Thanks! I actually bought a really nice set of dolls from a woman in Russia before I left home last week. i will have to post pictures of them once I receive them.