Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anthropologie Inspired Dress

There are quite a few dresses like this actually, not just at Anthropologie. I had seen them around and thought it would be fun to make one for myself. I took my inspiration from these two dresses:
I plan on making a belt like that on the blue dress to go with mine. As of yet I am just using a belt that I had kicking around the house.
I started with this tank top and this slightly crazy fabric from my collection. The top was $1 and the fabric I believe I got at the Reuse Centre (so basically free).
I drafted a circle skirt pattern to use for the bottom of the dress and cut it out (the cans are to weigh down the paper).
Mid-sew. I added a zipper in the middle back of the skirt. I haven't shown everything but there is a tutorial for something similar on
My finished dress! As you can see I am wearing a leather belt with the dress right now. As soon as I find a solid black fabric that I like/that matches I am going to be making the belt to accompany this dress.


Priscilla said...

This is stunning. Great colour choice. When are you next out of camp?? We should get together.

Happy Together said...

Love it! You have some awesome refashioning stuff on your blog :)