Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lame but AWESOME

So yesterday, Aren asked me to make some leg covers for the couch. He said I sould try to use elastic at the top or something so they would stay on better, but also that he didn't want them to be too noticeable. Initially I remembered that he had a few socks with holes in them and I thought perhaps I could use the sock as padding on the underside of the cover - and then I had the best idea EVER. Well maybe not ever.... but I was pretty stoked anyways. I could use the elastic at the top of the sock to keep the cover on! Not amazing, but whatever.

So here we can see the cutout sock pieces. Black to use on the outside with a blue piece as padding, then the elastic top of the sock and finally a fnished Couch Sock. :)
Serging with my NEW serger!! (Thanks Aren)  
Before turning all of the layers inside out.   
The Sock.

Couch modeling the sock. Awesome.


Gloria said...

A GREAT idea...never would have thought of this myself. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle at Ordinary Meets Clever said...

Perfect! I am making these today for our bar stools! thanks for sharing...
I'm sick of the stick-on felt that slides off every other day!
thanks so much-

Unknown said...

I am pleasantly surprised by the excellent response these have received. Hope they help many people!

Jessica in KY said...

O My Goodness!!! I saw these in a catalog but they had kitties or cows or whatever on them for the table and chairs. Lots of $$. I tried the felt sticky things and to NO avail, the felt tabs just came off. Hubby wanted to put rubber stoppers like the kind on the ironing board but that would prevent sliding. So, I have all of these odd baby socks and now something to do with them (the legs are tappered and about 1/2" at the bottom). So excited!!!!